Annual Report 2019-20

Each and every accomplishments starts with a decision to try . And here we are with ours for the academic year 2019-20.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen !

We the 12th graders are here to present before you a brief roundup of the academic session 2019-2020. On behalf of the school I welcome each one of you who have made your presence here this evening for the 14th School Day of   National Model Senior Secondary School.


Nighil Anirudh

National Model Schools was a dream of our  founder correspondent late Dr PN Palanisamy . It was established in the year 1987 with a vision of creating a new model of quality education. The school began with 2 students and now it has grown in leaps and bounds to reach 4,756 students facilitatedby three institutions following state, central and international curriculum in Coimbatore and Nilgiris. National Model Senior Secondary School was incepted in the year 2006 with 100 students and 15 teachers, which has now spread its wings to around 1500 students and 110 staff.  His vision to spearhead in this field of education is being carried forward by our Correspondent Mr. Mohan Chandar and our Secretary Mrs.Uma Mohan. Under their guidance, an effectual team of Principals, co-ordinators and teachers – National Model banner soars up exploring new horizons.

It’s indeed my blessing to be associated with this prestigious institution that takes utmost care in shaping my future. A school that is true to its name and ethos! I would like to invite Monica Bernard to brief you on the facilities we enjoy in National Model.

Monica Bernard

Thank you Nighil. At National Model, there exists an elite access to world class teaching learning infrastructure which ensures our pursuit of knowledge as a rewarding experience. Every classroom in school as well 

as other enclosed spaces are air-conditioned to ensure that we  learn in a relaxed and comfortable environment. All the classrooms are facilitated with  75 inches UHD Interactive Panels installed which was last New year gift to us. We enjoyed  National Model pioneered this techonology in 2018. We the students of this venerated institution are privileged to get exposed to a high-tech learning experience. The learning process does not remain restricted only to the classrooms; it is further synergised by ‘hands-on’ experience in the well-equipped labs.

Science and Math laboratories and a library where myriads of books that covers various languages, culture and genre adds-on to the basic amenities of the school. Our computer laboratory is the right place for us to become technologically savy. We are facilitated with ATL Labs where we receive endless exposure to hone our scientific skills and aptitude providing stimulus to innovate, ideate and create for a better tomorrow. To ensure our safety all public areas such as corridors, staircases, gates and grounds are under CCTV surveillance. The multi purpose Activity halls are used for a wide variety of purposes including competitions and co-curricular activities. It also gives space for a domestic kitchen where our little chefs explore their culinary skills. “ sports do not build character it reveals it” here we have Sanju vikashni to share her sports experience in National model.

Sanju Vikashini

   (Thank you Monica  )

Sports facilities at National model includes basketball courts, tennis courts, throw ball courts, cricket pitch and a vast playground for all the aspiring athletes. The basement of the school is perpetually abuzz with a plethora of indoor activities ranging from chess, table tennis and caroms. Champions are made from what they have deep inside them- a desire, a dream and a vision.  We proved it in the

CBSE CLUSTER VI ATHLETIC MEET 2019  where 26 athletes from National Model participated and bagged 1 gold, 2 silver and 5 bronze medals. We battled with  450 schools from Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry & Andaman Nicobar Islands who participated in this event.

We proved our mettle in the 42nd Coimbatore Sahodaya Athletic Meet 2019were  2,400 students from 75 schools participated from Coimbatore, Tirupur, Dindugal, Erode. & Nilgiris.  60 of  our trained athletes competed and emerged as overall first runner up.

Jagadeeshvaran of Grade 12 represented Boys Tamil Nadu Throw ball team and bagged 2nd place against Delhi Team and Dhararika of Grade 9 represented Girls Tamil Nadu Throw ball team and bagged 3rd place against Orissa Team.

Youth Exchange Program

National model has been accepting students from different parts of the globe through Rotary Club’s Student Exchange Programme. The students were from Germany,   France and US. This year we have Bautista from Argentina. This program provides an opportunity to study in a different country and environment experiencing the history and culture of another country, as well as meeting new friends to enrich their personal development.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”  We have Nithiya, Shreya and Janani to brief curriculum framework.



Education is about far more than the marks fetched. It’s about understanding right from wrong and having the current and comprehensive knowledge required to stay afloat in today’s society. Small group instruction, personalized attention for all the learners, flipped classrooms, blended learning and self-directed learning are the hallmarks of National Model. The Curriculum is developed keeping in mind all the three types of learners namely visual, auditory and kinaesthetic thereby touching the learning needs of a learner.  As far as pedagogy, it starts from inquiry moves into the stage of presentation and then controlled practice and thereafter to the stage of free practice. The school maintains a steady 25:1 student to teacher ratio so that the teachers can tailor lessons to suit individual learning needs. This size also allows teachers, directors and administrators to know each one of us and our family to maintain regular, highly-personalised and proactive communication between school and home.


              The academic framework at National Model begins with the Annual Blueprint which is the entire year’s draft of how we would shape up academics and co-curricular. The framework is like an umbrella which encompasses three learning processes that revolve around the student and that are Teaching, Learning and Assessment embedded with Technology. There are ample opportunities for us to experience group work, role plays, peer learning, self-study etc. so as to adapt to various learning situations. Our curriculum is a perfect mélange of sports, dance, music, yoga, karate art and of course academics. The school focuses prudently in preparing the students for the 10th and 12th board exams. The arduous efforts of our teachers equip us to face the challenges of the world with confidence. Not a single leaf is left unturned. We are also trained to encounter NEETand JEE or any other competitive exams as the coaching for this goes hand in hand with our syllabus.  The creativity and resourcefulness I had was unlocked at National Model.

    The school gave me the fullest enthusiasm for life and learning. I gained self-responsibility and personal empowerment. The school not only prepares us for college but also how to deal with life as a whole.



       The policy of continuous comprehensive assessment is being followed. We are also observed and rewarded for our behavior, personality, attitude, skills etc. on a regular day to day basis. The ones who show a positive change are honored with respective titled badges every month. At the end of every academic year, the performance of the students in academics is analyzed and the outstanding performers are certified with awards such as Subject Topper Award and Diligence Award.

Our presence in the school is much valued. Students who attend school regularly without any leave or absence throughout the year are bestowed with the 100% attendance award. Best Performer award is conferred to the ones who tops in the Intra Mural Contests.

IPTM is really a very good opportunity for our parents to have a direct talk with teachers& coordinators about our progress.  It takes place every Friday.

Classroom observation, assessments, portfolios, assignments and also about our strengths, heeds, behavior are also well thought-out during the conversation.



Standard competitions have added to the opulence of the schools.

Competitions bring out the best in us and maximizes our true potential.


We have intramural contests that take place on Saturdays.

We really enjoy participating in different and interesting contests as it develops the desire to improve and experience higher self-esteem. Students who perform extremely are bestowed with the ‘Best Achiever Award’.


We strive to face new contenders and love to compete in a wide range. Yes, we actively participate in various competitions in the district, zonal, state and national levels.

We participate with zeal and toil hard to bring pride to our school. We consistently stand out for the achievement. Each time we participate, we raise the bar still further. The noteworthy progress in this year’s results persists to build further on the reputation of the school. It is those accomplishments that make NM such an extraordinary school, a school we can all be proud of.”

<<Achievements to be added >>


The fact is that it is the only possible way to have students from senior to junior all united under one umbrella which gives everyone an opportunity to learn from each other

Our school always has an innovative approach in every aspect. The clubs offered here helps us channelize our interests and apply the knowledge gained. Contrasting the normal clubs, we have Applied Science Club that enables us to try various experiments that would help us understand and explore the science concepts. Advanced Math Club focuses on enhancing our mathematical skills. Brain storming sessions on complex concepts and easy learning methods are discussed during these sessions. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. A workstation to twiddle with papers, threads, and needles and splashes of colors is all that the Art and Craft Club offers us. Beside these we also had aesthetic club, Theatrics, kutty cops.



Great prominence is laid on the development of communication skills. Our School empowers us to become more effective communicators by the program ESSP.

Everyday Short Speech Program. ESSP remains at its toes to sharpen our oratorical skills.

This takes place right through the year and the best speaker for every class is bestowed with “The Overt Orator Award.”




Alumni association at National Model has re-united our seniors in the nest from where they grew and flew off. Our senior don’t call it an Alumni re-union, they say it’s a homecoming! These Alumni represent the best fruits of  National Model’s Education. They are making valuable contributions to their field of endeavours, they serve their communities and their alma mater , they act as role models to all the National Modelites. Our seniors have been accepted in universities in the UK, Europe (including Switzerland), North America, Asia and Australia to study their subjects of choice.

Workshops for students and teachers

Students Workshop

We had Career guidance workshop for classes 9 to 12 to know the importance of career and right guidance before we choose an academic stream after taking the boards. This program helped us to know the career options available in market as per our academic choice.

New leaders

Leaders don’t create followers , they create more leaders. We are happy to share that few of our teachers were designated as co-ordinators  to deliver us the best learning experience.  


As stated by Albert Einstein, The only source of knowledge is experience. It is a way of enhancing classroom learning by making real world connections. The trips give students the chance to monitor a selective atmosphere that enables first-hand experience of what they are learning.

Field trips are for all the classes and it comes about at least once in a semester.

It is a remarkable opportunity for the students and teachers to interact outside the classroom and thus enhancing their relationship and boosting their social and life skills.


Student Council Election was held on June followed by the  Investiture Ceremony which was held on July with  swearing in of newly elected office bearers.

Leadership Program

To hone the leadership skills of the office bearers the school conducted a Leadership program. Mrs Padmagayathri, ______________________The consultant got right into our hearts. There were various activities and games to build confidence in us. This workshop grew us as leaders while making friends and having the opportunity to be ourselves. We learned to create strategic direction, leading, learning, developing, managing resources and working in teams.

Being a student council member, helped me see school and outside beyond homework and exams. It helped me realise what I want to be in future. As a council member, I realized in real life, teamwork is what get things done. We organized Independence Day, Diwali, Senior Sports Day and Ethnic Day. The house heads choreographed their respective house’s mass drills. A major part of being involved in student council is service. Ethnic day, a charity event in which we contributed_____________________________ to the Coimbatore Cancer Foundation.  We believe it’s not only our privilege but also our responsibility to help those who are in need. That’s why being a student council member feels so rewarding. There is nothing like sharing your blessings and putting a hopeful smile on someone’s face.


Rhapsody – National Model Orchestra

Music is one of the seven intelligences identified in the brain and the only one that utilizes all seven intelligences simultaneously. Dedicated practice of this orchestration can have a great payoff for lifelong attentional skills, intelligence, and an ability for self-knowledge and expression. Music concert was held on New Year Eve by the team Rhapsody- National Model Orchestra. This  orchestra serves as a platform for us to facilitate the exchange  of music ideas, performing , collaborating learning and sharing music.


Hubs of Learning

An orientation on Hubs Of Learning for CBSE school principals was organised by Coimbatore Sahodaya Schools Complex on 15th July, 2019 at National Model Schools, Peelamedu. Around 110 principals in and around Tamilnadu attended the programme. Dr Biswajit Saha, Director, Skill Education and Training,CBSE, New Delhi and Mrs Arunima Mazumdar, Deputy Secretary, Centre Of Excellence, CBSE, Chennai were the eminent speakers. At this juncture we are proud to share that CBSE Centre Of Excellence nominated National Model Sr. Sec. School

on the basis of board results and other criteria such as student-teacher ratio, innovative practices in teaching etc.,


Potluck was a different occasion from last year. It wasn’t only about sharing food but also cooking. The school provided students of 10th and 12th grade hands on cooking experience and our teachers had our results. We learned to chop, saute, fry , clean and cook.

  • SOE’s Global Education Award conferred as the “Outstanding School”.
  • Winner of British Council’s ‘International School Award’.
  • Listed by FORBES Magazine  ‘The Great Indian Schools as Great Place To Study’ with the highest Happy Quotient Ratio and Student Satisfaction Index 4.2/5.

Youth Exchange Program

National Model hosted foreign students from Germany,   France and US through Rotary Club’s Student Exchange Programme. This year we have Bautista from Argentina. This serves as an opportunity to learn in new environment with different culture.

Noteworthy Developments of the academic year:


We would like to thank each and every member of this institute who has contributed in making a responsible person out of us. Thank you National Model for all that you have taught us- lessons that extended well beyond the four walls of a classroom, for providing us with myriad opportunities for all round development and values in life. We promise that we will strive to be successful citizens, so that our school can proudly say that We are the products of National Model Schools. Thank you.